Winter Gardening

Winter Gardening

KALE is one of the most popular winter vegetables in winter gardening.  It’s hardy and can be used as tender sprouts or fully mature growths.

Spinach is a vegetable that can be great for winter gardening a cut and repeat crop.  You can harvest it almost all year long, even in winter!  You can harvest the young leaves to full grown plant

During the winter almost any variety of onions can be grown if the soil doesn’t freeze over too often for winter gardening. You can grow green onions, red onions, or really any other type. The growing season is long. Greenhouse growing is a good option.

Who doesn’t love garlic?  It’s a great plant for winter. Like onions, it takes a long time before you can harvest.  It can be planted in or near winter season!

Another option that’s just as terrific as spinach is lettuce.  There are some varieties that  are best for winter, it is a fast harvest, taking about 20 days.  Green house growing is great. WaLa fresh salad!

Do you love asparagus? We do also and  it makes us so happy to see it’s a veggie that grows well in the winter!  An asparagus bed takes a few years to establish. It is so worth it.  Your family will enjoy the crop.

Radishes  grow really quickly. You will be able to harvest them in about 3 weeks or so. A great addition to your salad.

Planting peas in the autumn allows them to  grow during winter. You will be able to harvest peas in the early spring, much sooner than your neighbors!

Do you know what vegetables grows better in the cold? Brussel sprouts do.  Frost can makes Brussel sprouts sweeter and tastier, So planting them in winter an super idea.

 brussel sprouts

Carrots will grow well for winter gardening.  What a fun vegetable to plant and so colorful.


Growing cabbage can also work for winter gardening, but if you live in a cold zone, then you may want to grow it in your greenhouse. Cabbage can still survive most mild winters. When it is very cold it can freeze.


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