The Customers Always “Write”

Solar Gem owners… please share your greenhouse gardening experience with us!

We just delivered another Solar Gem and received the perfect response!

I am ecstatic!  Thank you. I’m 43, I’ve been looking at them at the Puyallup fair since I was a little kid. Thanks


We love it!

Hi John,

WE LOVE THE GREENHOUSE! Wish we would have gotten it years ago, but we’re very happy with our choice of the Solar Gem…It’s perfect!
Thanks so much,
Lori and Bob H.
Olympia, WA

Another happy customer

John, We are tickled with our Solar Gem! Can't wait to get started growing veggies! Am in process of running electricity and water to the greenhouse.

Harold K.

Breckenridge TX

A Fan! I love it when this happens!!

I am indeed happy, and knew I would be. I’m a fan of your company and products, this is my second greenhouse. When we sold the house in Vancouver the new owner stipulated that the greenhouse be part of the sale, so I had no choice but to get one for the new house in Astoria! Always impressed by the delivery and installation, can’t wait to get out there and get stuff growing! Thanks for all you do, ww

Top Notch!

John, Was 52 out and sun shining inside temp hit 82' Think it is going to be great. Your guy's know what they doing and very top notch. Thanks  Bob

Greenhouse delivery


I am thrilled and the guys did a great job helping level it up. Outstanding communication, speedy service, great set up crew. I am already spreading the word. Now, on to getting seeds started! Awesome!!!

My greenhouse is gorgeous! 

My greenhouse is gorgeous!  I'm so happy with it!  I spent almost 2 years researching greenhouses and saving my pennies and I'm confident my greenhouse is the best.  I only have to look over into my neighbor's yard at their wind-damaged aluminum plastic greenhouse to know that I made the best decision for years and years to come!
thanks for all of your support,
Rebekah Neely

Another happy customer!

I must give this company a 100% awesome rating. I was so impressed how fast my emails were answered and how nice John was. I asked a lot of questions and he didn’t even hesitate. We contacted him late on Friday the 11th to see if Long Beach (WA) was in their delivery area and we had the 8x12 greenhouse delivered and set up at our place by noon today on the 17th. Your delivery guys were great by the way 😊 The door screen was bent, but they did not hesitate to have one mailed to me ASAP. We’ll be getting it settled in with gravel this weekend. Thank you Solar Gem Greenhouses. We’ll be growing veggies in it and my tropicals will be much happier.

Caren G, Long Beach WA

I love me greenhouse, thank you!

I love my greenhouse, thank you!


Patty T

Salem OR

Love it, love it

Hi John

wanted to let you know that we love our greenhouse.  I will send some pictures once it is all straight 🙂

Billie Jean

Melfa, VA

Another happy customer!

Mr. Hamil,

      Your Delivery team just dropped off our new SOLAR GEM GREENHOUSE and it looks great!! Just wanted you to know that your team were very nice and polite. Thank you for having such quality people to represent your company. 
                                 We will be spreading the word, Richard & Marlene Owen..

Another happy Solar Gem owner

 "Solar Gem is the best backyard greenhouse on the market we own two of them for our business we love them so much"
Daily Harvest Gardens
Lillooet, BC

Debbie LOVES it!
We LOVE it. Thank you for a superior product!!

   "We LOVE it. Thank you for a superior product!!"
Debbie B.
Centennial CO

Another happy Solar Gem Owner!

Delivery crew was very hard-working and courteous even after a long day.

Marta S.

Medford, OR

We LOVE it!

Thank you so much for the prompt and professional delivery of our new Solar Gem! Your guys are fantastic!
The greenhouse is gorgeous!
We LOVE it!

Bob D, Prineville, OR


Hi John,

Thanks for being so great to work with on our greenhouse purchase!  The delivery guys were very prompt to arrive.  They were very patient and helpful with getting the passage-way to the backyard cleared of a few more branches we encountered in route.  We appreciate the care they took to place it exactly aligned the way we wanted.  Kudos to them!


Sue Knowles



I love my new greenhouse! A big Thank You to the two gentlemen who delivered and set up – they were awesome, even with all the difficulties!

All my bedding plants are happy , I wanted to spend the night in it!

Thanks again,


Laurie Mitchell

Happy Gardener

Love my Solar Gem Greenhouse!


Marcia K

Raymond, WA

Love my greenhouse!

I love my green house. We have fresh strawberries in early May. Harvesting celantro
, lettuce and cucumbers are allready forming on the vine. My tomatoes allready look like last years tomatoes around end of July.
Michele H
Auburn, WA

We received our Solar Gem greenhouse late last spring and it has been wonderful to work in. Purchasing and delivery were both a breeze with outstanding customer service. Almost a year and a heavy winter later it has surpassed expectations. We have wintered over our pond turtles and perennials starts in it. Spring planting has just started and I'm sure come summer my vegetable and flower gardens will be full of plants we grew.

Sandra B

Riverton, UT

Timeliness, Customer Service

"Really good that John took the time on the last day of the year to get this order processed...with the December discount..."

Rory P

Stanley, ND

Polite and friendly. That’s us!

Greetings: The men arrived and installed the greenhouse today. They were very polite, efficient and friendly. It has been nice doing business with you.

- Charlie Wolfe

Very happy customers… that’s our policy!

Hi John,

Just wanted to send a quick note that we're loving the 8x15 [Large] greenhouse that we purchased from you.  In case you want to include more photos for marketing purposes, attached are a few photos.  We put it up the hill from our house, in a 30x40 garden plot.  Using rain barrel irrigation system.  Very happy with the setup.  And the plants inside the greenhouse are loving it.  Especially the citrus trees, squash and strawberries.  The raspberries and tomatoes seem a bit finnicky in there, but am assuming that's most likely watering system related (I'm still dialing in how long to run the drip lines).

 - Kevin

Even former Solar Gem owners want to crow about our greenhouses…

I LOVED my Solar Gem!  I recently moved and I sadly had to leave it behind.  I had the 8 by 12 size [Medium]. It took me a few years to talk my husband into buying me one.  When he saw how happy it made me, he said he wished he had bought it sooner.  We also wished we had bought the largest one.  Not that the 8 x 12 is bad, but I had so much fun playing in my house, I could see endless possibilities with a little more room.
 I used it YEAR-ROUND: to start my plants in the Spring, to grow AWESOME tomatoes in the summer (that produced  til November!) and then to winter over my outdoor pots.
We grew our tomatoes in large, plastic  farm troughs. We drilled holes in them for drainage. I could grow four types of tomatoes using two of the farm troughs.  In the winter, we emptied them out and lined them with plastic. Then we filled them with water and placed a board over the filled totes.  We could place pots on the boards on the totes to help keep them from freezing. We also placed one gallon milk jugs of water around the pots to help keep them from freezing.  (As water freezes, it emits warm air.) In the summer you don't have to worry about 'burning' your plants as would happen in a glass house and there is no need for a shade cloth either.  We plumbed and wired our house so we could add drippers, a fan and a grow light.  This really is a no fuss, no muss set up.
I like all the new features that you have added since I bought mine.  Changing the woodwork to cedar is a really nice upgrade from pine. I also like the potting tray cover for added counter space, as well as the hanging troughs that you made for the hang rails.  It's nice to see that you all are changing things up to make a better product, instead of just going with the current flow. That shows a true investment  and commitment in your product.
 If I am ever am lucky enough to have another greenhouse, it will definitely be a Solar Gem.
 - Sue R.

Happy new owner

Thanks for everything. Love the greenhouse. The guys were great on installing it.

Michele H.

Get ready for BIG harvests…

I grew 450 pounds of tomatoes in mine last summer. I live on the central coast. Thanks for a fantastic product.

Mary Beth H.

Can’t say enough good things…

I can't say enough good things about my Solar Gem Greenhouse. The size is just perfect for the yard, and I like the way you can hang plants in the greenhouse and still have a lot of room on top of the tables. There's ample storage for all your tools, potting soil etc. I'm really happy with my greenhouse and I'm sure the next person who purchases one will be as happy as I am.

Janet L.

Good goes around

Thank you so much! As the food bank serving Marion & Polk Counties, we use the greenhouse as a demonstration tool at our warehouse grounds, in our edible landscape. We do a lot with gardening, helping families grow food for themselves to prevent the need for emergency food.

Ian Dixon-McDonald

Marion-Polk Food Share/Salem, Oregon

High quality…

I love my 7.5'x8' [Small] Solar Gem Greenhouse. It's the perfect size for my suburban yard and affords plenty of growing space. The greenhouse is solidly built, of high quality materials. And the work tables are a delight! I repotted over 40 seedlings last night in hardly any time at all. I'm looking forward to many years of use.

Denise K.

Amazing product!

My partner, Steve, and I recently purchased a 15 foot Solar Gem Greenhouse.  After touring the factory in Tacoma, we knew we had to have one.  John and Pat answered all of our questions, and we got to see, firsthand, how the greenhouses and accessories are made. It was delivered March 7, and we started planting seeds in various containers the next day!  Now, just a little over a month later, we are eating radishes and lettuce, and we have starts of a variety of greens, tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, squashes, peas, and more.  We love the fact that the greenhouse is self- ventilating.  It is a thrill to see the vents open and close, all without our intervention.  We also enjoy opening the back window and the screen on the door.  The cross breeze is wonderful.  In addition, by opening that back window, we notice the honey bees drift in and out, doing their important work.  Steve and I opted to purchase the potting tray, and we are so glad we did.  It is very handy.    While we were gone this weekend, my Pak Choi and lettuce were a little wilted.  Next time, I will use the watering tray for these less drought tolerant vegetables.  Everything else looked fine.   We also bought the cedar shelving system, and, in addition to using the shelves for our troughs and other containers, we use the overhanging frame for a variety of hanging containers.  We have spinach, chard, strawberries, and peppers in hanging pots.  Now, I am curious about the new strawberry tray! Our greenhouse is more than a place to grow our own produce. We often take our dinner out there or peanuts and a beer!  The fresh smells from the soil, plants, and the cedar benches are hard to describe.  Buying a Solar Gem Greenhouse is an investment in our future, as well as a daily tonic for the soul.   It's like a room we grow and thrive in, too; not just the plants.   Thank you, Solar Gem Greenhouse, for this amazing product.

Patti C.

Love it!

I've had a Solar Gems 15 Foot Greenhouse for 6 years and love it!!! You will not be disappointed - HAPPY GROWING.

Carol K.

Highly recommend…

We highly recommend Solar Gem Greenhouses to those looking to buy a greenhouse. Right now we only have our hanging baskets and container plants, but soon we will start our seeds!

A faithful customer,

Mary Louise D.

Tell everyone…

Tell everyone that stops by your booth at the Home and Garden Show that we love our Solar Gem Greenhouse!

Nancy W.

Great product!

I bought my Solar Gem Greenhouse in February and still have things growing in Southeast Washington... thanks for the great product!

Jackie D. - Washington

Bitter cold can’t stop a Solar Gem!

I live in the mountains of Wyoming and I am running my greenhouse year-round even though the snow is 3 feet deep everywhere and the temperatures often drop to below 10 below zero...or lower. I have a heater and a grow light to supplement the sunlight. I grow tons of swiss chard, tomatoes, and herbs... onions, garlic, potatoes,  shallots, green pepper, cabbage, and chedder cheese cauliflower. My strawberry plants even began producing strawberries a few weeks ago. I am trying to become self-sustaining. I sure do love my Solar Gem Greenhouse!

Christine B. - Wyoming


I love my Solar Gem Greenhouse!

Sue R.

Your orchids will thank you!

My wife grows beautiful orchids in her Solar Gem Greenhouse, and she could not be more happy with the results.  As for me, I stick to the fresh herbs and vegetables.  I love to cook and I get such a thrill from picking my fresh ingredients right from my backyard greenhouse. Purchasing a Solar Gem Greenhouse has been one of the best purchases we have ever made...it has cut our food bill, improved our well-being through healthier eating (no pesticides on our foods!), and it has so invigorated my cooking hobby that I can hardly relay how much your wonderful product has enriched our lives.

George K. - Colorado